Don’t Punish Yourself, The Addiction Has Done That Enough Already

Sometimes people who are addicted to drugs or abusing alcohol feel so ashamed of their destructive dependence on the substance, that they feel like they have to punish themselves. Even though they realize that the addiction is unhealthy, and damaging to their body and mind, their shame drives them ever deeper into addiction. They may even go to a doctor or psychiatrist and receive a dual diagnosis of alcohol addiction or an addiction to prescription drugs, or illegal substances like stimulants or depressants, and some type of mental health disorder. This is a diagnosis that indicates that your substance abuse and your mental health are feeding off of one another, and you cannot get better until you treat both your depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or whatever affliction is plaguing your psyche, and treat your addiction as well. Both are necessary for actual healing.

You Are Lovable

Discovery InstituteOne of the ways that dual diagnosis can play out in the mind of someone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, is for an addict to feel unlovable. The person may have an incredible amount of self hatred that displays itself in a way that makes the addict feel not only lonely and ruled by their shame, but like it is almost impossible for anyone to feel any real love for them. This sort of shame tells a person that they are a lost cause, or even making a negative impact on anyone around them. This is what addiction can do to you. The stigma that comes with addiction, the trauma that spurs the addiction itself, the self hatred and guilt for continuing to drink heavily or take illicit substances are all a perfect storm telling you that it’s not possible for you. But everyone deserves to be loved and cared for. As you detox and go through rehab you will see that these impressions are caused by unprocessed trauma and addiction, neither of which rely on logic. Getting treatment for your addiction right away is your best hope for feeling loveable again.

You Don’t Have To Settle

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