Our Purpose

Below are the principles we operate under at The Discovery Institute.

Discovery Institute


Provide the highest quality clinical care through evidence-based treatment practices and innovative supportive strategies to improve and heal the lives of individuals suffering from substance use disorder. It’s our goal to lessen the adverse impact on families and society as a whole through providing a range of cutting-edge treatment modalities and individualized treatment plans for all of our clients and their families.

New Jersey Recovery Center

Vision and Philosophy

  • To be a national leader in the addiction treatment community by restoring happiness and purpose into the lives of those suffering from the disease of substance use disorder. This includes individuals, families, and our community as a whole.
  • It is the philosophy of Discovery Institute that an individual approach is imperative to the long-term growth and happiness of the individual, thereby requiring us to treat the “whole person” and every aspect of his/her behavior, belief system and lifestyle.
  • The client is not a burden; the client is our priority. We treat our clients and staff with respect and honor their contributions. We invest in the continuing growth, development and nurturing of our staff and they must exemplify our Purpose, Principles, Vision and Philosophies inside and outside of our community
  • Discovery Institute believes that treatment must effectively address both one’s medical, mental, and spiritual health. Most often, an individual’s path towards recovery is rooted in their struggles with relationships, family dynamics, social skills, and lack of mental health awareness. In our view, the goals of recovery are global – necessitating a total change in lifestyle that encompasses an individual’s re-evaluation of values, attitudes, behavior, and social activities.


Find out how we can help

Our compassionate counselors are standing by to answer any questions you may have. After helping thousands of people over the last 50 years, we have the resources to help you and your family and all your individual needs.

Our Principles


We admitted we only have control over our actions, reactions & attitudes.


We believe that a power greater than ourselves will provide good orderly direction for ourselves and members.

Action + Acceptance = Faith

We are responsible to take the best action for our clients but accept the results as they may be.


We move forward in the face of fears. We let go of resentments and forgive others.


Say what we mean, mean what we say; don’t say it, mean and do what we say we are going to do


We go to any length to improve ourselves and the lives of our clients


We are all equal, different yes, but no better than nor less than anyone else inside or outside of our community.


We own the consequences of our actions, reactions, and attitudes


We make amends to people we have inadvertently harmed.


We take care of ourselves and help our clients do so daily – physically, emotionally and spiritually


We freely give of ourselves for the benefit of our clients and others


We work together collectively for a purpose greater than ourselves