How an Alcohol Addiction Can Affect Your Career

The way alcohol highlights almost every social function these days can make you ask the question, can it really negatively affect your life to abuse alcohol? If the job you go to everyday has liquor in the shared freezer, how risky can it be to drink a little more and a little more frequently?

Your Career

Becoming an alcoholic can drastically affect your vocational trajectory.

Have you ever worked in an office with a notorious work party drunk? Unfortunately we as humans tend toward being judgemental so if they’re there, you probably know about them. They might sing aloud too loudly with the music. Maybe they work a little too hard to get everyone to get up and dance to music that isn’t even playing. Either way, that guy has a reputation because of how uncomfortable folks feel when other people lose control of themselves in public.

Maybe it makes those around feel like they’re out of control too, like they’re on a journey but they have no steering or breaks. People don’t usually have the ability to be so charitable in the moment toward the intoxicated party mostly because they’re not really sure how to help their drunken coworker. They’re confused, and worried, and probably also pretty annoyed that the situation ultimately became a distraction from their evening.

Discovery Institute

This kind of experience of someone is hard to shake when you are working with them. If they’re willing to get drunk and make an ass of themselves at a work party, what are they willing to risk when they’re on a work trip and out on the client’s dime. When they’re representing the company, can they be trusted and taken seriously? 

At first glance getting trashed at a work party doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but if it happens more than once, or even frequently, it can absolutely ruin your chances at any upward movement at a company. If the situation ends up bad enough, it could result in the end of the job as you know it.

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