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Don’t Punish Yourself, The Addiction Has Done That Enough Already

Sometimes people who are addicted to drugs or abusing alcohol feel so ashamed of their destructive dependence on the substance, that they feel like they have to punish themselves. Even though they realize that the addiction is unhealthy, and damaging to their body and mind, their shame drives them ever deeper into addiction. They may […]

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Experimental Prison in NJ Acts More Like Rehab Center than Jail

It seems as though the government is starting to take notice that time spent in prison or jail should be used to rehabilitate the offender rather than being seen totally as a punishment. Though there are many forms of rehabilitating people, addiction treatment is New Jersey’s current focus – at least as far as the […]

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Can Methadone Treatment Turn into Addiction?

Not to be confused with the stimulant methamphetamine, methadone is an opioid pain reliever with effects similar to morphine. The drug was originally introduced as a way to reduce withdrawal symptoms from those coming off of heroin or other narcotic drugs. However, due to the nature of methadone, this narcotic can be highly-addictive if used […]

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