Discovery Institute to Be Included in Newsweek’s “Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2021”

Discovery Institute is proud to announce that it will be recognized in Newsweek’s list of “America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2021.”

The list will be published on on Aug. 18, and it will also be featured in that week’s print edition of the magazine. It showcases the top 300 inpatient and long-term treatment centers in the U.S. based on reputation, accreditation, and quality of service relative to in-state competition.

To promote this achievement, Newsweek is providing Discovery Institute with a licensing package that includes a special award logo. Our facility will be able to use this in digital and print marketing initiatives to highlight our success.

To rank the best addiction treatment facilities in the country, Newsweek partners with Statista Inc., a global consumer data and market research firm. The list is based on a survey of doctors, administrators, and health care professionals in 25 states with the highest number of addiction treatment centers (according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

The ranking process was created through deliberate attention. The scoring model is a combination of recommendations, quality score, or accreditation. The ranking system is determined by treatment facilities that qualify within these guidelines.

Thousands of medical specialists have carefully reviewed the guidelines through an online peer-to-peer survey. To eliminate biases, quality checks were used to avoid self-recommendations or recommendations for treatment centers where individuals worked.

The participants were asked to name their top 10 treatment centers in their state. Their recommendations were based on:

  • The quality of care
  • The quality of service
  • The quality of follow-up care
  • Accommodations and amenities

The reputation score or accreditation score are the main categorizations for the treatment facilities. The weight of the overall reputation score is 80% while the weight of the SAMHSA based accreditation score is 20% towards the total score of each facility

Recommendations would receive different weights, depending on the order they were scored. The participants were asked to distinguish the factors that influenced the quality of care one would expect. More than 20 million Americans struggle with substance use disorder, and Discovery has been committed to providing the best treatment in the tri-state area for 50 years.