Warning Signs That Your Loved One Is Addicted To Alcohol

You have possibly heard of these terms like alcoholism, alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, and alcohol abuse. Maybe you even know that one in eight American adults, or 12% of the U.S. population, is addicted to alcohol. But how can you tell if someone is a binge drinker or simply a social drinker who occasionally drinks above recommended limits? Well, determining whether or not a person has a drinking problem is not easy, especially if you are not an expert. However, there are obvious warning signs that can tell your loved one is addicted to alcohol. Here are some of them.

Their Entire Social Life Revolves Around Alcohol

Do they only attend events where alcohol is allowed or available? Do their friend groups only consist of heavy drinkers? Do they avoid people who don’t drink? Well, these are common signs that your loved one has alcohol problems developing or waiting to develop.

They Drink To Feel Better Or Relax

Most alcohol addicts use alcohol for emotional reasons. Whether it is depression, stress, or anxiety, using alcohol as an emotional crutch is a very dangerous habit. The “relief” alcohol provides is only temporary and ordinarily does more harm than good. If your loved one drinks more when they’ve had a stressful day or drinks to feel better or relaxed, these are warning signs of alcoholism. You need to take him or her to alcohol rehab NJ for treatment.

They Don’t Seem Intoxicated

Try to drink along with your loved one or observe them as they drink their substance of choice. If they can drink for hours and not exhibit any signs of being intoxicated, this is a tell-tale sign that they are heavy drinkers. You need to help them before it gets worse.

They Blackout Regularly

Does your loved one drink so much that they have no memory of what they did or what had happened? This is another big sign that they are addicted to alcohol or developing an alcohol problem. Ask them what is driving them to drink excessively. The answers you get will enable you to come up with a strategy to help them fight their addiction. You may also seek help from alcohol rehab NJ.

Neglecting Their Responsibilities

If your loved one is having a problem with school, home, or office responsibilities because of their drinking habit, they have alcohol problems. Neglecting responsibilities is a clear sign that alcohol has evolved from an occasional indulgence to a substance that seriously impacts their day-to-day life.

Their Drinking Habit Is Hurting Relationships

This is closely related to the previous point, but it is in many ways more important. If your loved one’s drinking problem is causing relationship problems with significant other, close friends, or family, this is a sign that alcohol is more important to them than the people in their life. This sign shows they are heavy drinkers or are going beyond the problem-drinker stage.

If identify at least two of the signs highlighted above, your loved one may have alcohol use disorder. You need to seek help through alcohol rehab immediately – get in touch with us today.