Nonprofit Opens Rehab Clinic In Utah Targeted at Homeless

Utah has a new rehab center, and one of the most interesting things about it is its focus on the homeless population in the surrounding area. Valley EPIC (short for Evidence-based Programs and Interventions Campus) is owned by non-profit clinic network Valley Behavioral Health, is situated in West Jordan, and has 75 beds and rising.

This is not the only attempt by the  nonprofit to reach out to affect the homeless population. Valley Health has created several different programs to try to address the homeless population, and this newest attempt looks to be the most promising out of all off them.

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A new inpatient drug rehab in West Jordan, Utah recently opened to assist the local homeless people struggling with addiction.

The drug treatment center, Valley EPIC (Evidence-based Programs and Interventions Campus) — owned by the nonprofit network of clinics Valley Behavioral Health — currently has 75 beds and will add 24 beds in the next few weeks.

Before the inpatient drug rehab opened, the nonprofit had several programs for homeless people in place. Valley Shorefront is an outpatient addiction treatment center that helps those suffering from a severe mental illness and substance use disorder. Safe Haven Transitional Housing has 25 temporary housing units for the homeless struggling with mental illness while Safe Haven Permanent Housing helps homeless people find a place to live. Valley Homefront Permanent Housing assists eight homeless people who need little to no supervision.