Should I Tell My Kids I’m Going to Rehab?

Deciding to start your journey to sobriety is a huge step. This is a decision that will change your life forever. If you are a parent, you might be wondering if you should tell your children that you are going to rehab. Chances are your children have recognized your struggles with substances. Therefore, it’s important to communicate to your children that you are confronting the issue. Below are a few ways to tell your children you are going to rehab. If you have decided you are committed to getting sober, contact our NJ detox centers.

Explaining Your Addiction

First things first, explaining your addiction to your children. The goal is to clearly communicate that addiction is a sickness, once your children look at your addiction this way, you can explain that you are going to a place where very kind people are going to help you get better (just like any other illness.)

Talk About the Rehab

Don’t leave your children in the dark. Be open about the rehab, show them pictures and the brochure. Make sure they know you are going to be in a safe environment. Also, let your children be aware of when you will be returning.

NJ detox centers that can help me get sober

NJ Detox Centers

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