Anyone who struggles with drugs or alcohol abuse knows how hard it is to love yourself. It may even feel impossible. I’m here to tell you it isn’t! Just talking about it made me cringe for the longest time. You know what I mean? People would start talking about self care and I immediately got uncomfortable.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could actually feel so sappy and mushy about themselves. But I didn’t know, that’s not what it’s about. I’ll tell you. If you’re struggling with negative thoughts about yourself, maybe this post will help you.


Knowing Yourself

The key to self love, is knowing what you love. If you think about it, that is who we are. When you’re thinking about what it is that you love remember to keep in mind, nothing anyone else thinks about those things matters.

If you adore The Lord of The Rings, but your friend thinks it’s too nerdy, who cares? When you read it it fills you with adventure, and you get lost in the beauty of the words. If you love to bike, and your friend is grousing about bike lanes, just remember the way it feels when you fly down a steep hill with the wind pushing against your face and invigorating your mind. People will always be judgmental. It’s a pretty frustrating point of life, but it’s also why we have to find our worth within ourselves.


Shake Off Societal Pressure

It’s easy to let naysayers or elitists get in the way of us appreciating the things in life that we naturally are drawn to. The first step in genuine self love is stepping away from the pressure of society and really figuring out what excites you. Make sure you are being mindful of keeping those other voices out of your head, the voices that tell you something isn’t cool enough, gourmet enough, glittery enough, or that something is too glittery. You can be just as glittery as you want.

But maybe you’re not at that point yet. Maybe you think you could never love yourself. Maybe you’ve not started down the path to sobriety because you need help. If you or someone you know are struggling with not just self hatred, but addiction or substance abuse, call us to learn more about Rehabs in NJ. You can reach us at 844-478-6563.


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