There’s a certain negative sound to the idea of “rehab.” To many, a person goes into rehab when their life has crumbled, and there’s nowhere to go but up. In a way, the idea of going to rehab is an admission that the person in question has lost control over their life. However, this is just people’s impressions of rehab. When you consider the power of modern incarnations of drugs like opioids, you begin to realize that the human body and mind are ill-prepared to fight alone against addictive chemicals. While true that many who seek rehab need it because they’re losing the fight against drugs, many people are actually joining it early because they want to escape the dangers of the most potent of addictive drugs.


The Dangers of Fentanyl

Fentanyl, for instance, is a particularly troublesome drug. It is a synthetic opioid so powerful, three grains of it is enough to kill a grown man of average health and weight. In New Jersey in particular, Fentanyl is becoming more and more common. However, because it is so absurdly powerful, many drug dealers use it as a secondary ingredient in other recreational drugs in order to more reliably addict customers. This, of course, increases the chance of overdose and death, but it’s a price the drug dealers are willing to have others pay to make money.


Getting Help

So if drugs are becoming a matter of life and death even from the beginning, it is best to quit right away. But how is the best way to do it? Rehab can take multiple forms, but at its essence it comes down to detoxing at a facility or at home. Doing it at home tends to be less successful, as the same old triggers and temptations are there, while facilities have staff and medicine to make the process more bearable. Either way, when the hard part is over, rehab clinics can assist the recovery process by giving access to groups and specialists to erase the mental part of the addiction.

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Reviewed for Medical & Clinical Accuracy by Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MDDr. Jeffrey Berman is a psychiatrist in Teaneck, New Jersey and is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He received his medical degree from State University of New York Upstate Medical University and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He also speaks multiple languages, including French and Hebrew.

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