The Effects of Meth on the Body

Methamphetamines are among the most dangerous and most addictive illegal drugs available. Because it is cheap to make — and therefore cheap to buy — it has become a raging menace in low income parts of the U.S.
Crystal meth — the name for the synthetically produced street version of the drug — is a highly addictive stimulant. Users say smoking (or sometimes snorting or injecting) meth makes them feel euphoric. Some users enjoy the high energy the drug gives them.
Many casual users find themselves quickly addicted because of the euphoric rush. The drug and the high last for as long as 12 hours after smoking — making it almost predatory on low income populations. Like many drugs, consistent use requires higher and higher doses to feel high — which leads to higher rates of addiction and long term use. There are serious long term effects of meth on the body.

Effects of Meth on the Body

Short terms effects of meth use can include major anxiety, sleeplessness, and paranoia. It’s quite common for meth users to stay awake for days at a time. The lack of sleep can exacerbate effects of the drug. Meth users often because extremely paranoid. Some may even have psychotic episodes or breaks in which they hallucinate. An urban legend with some truth is that meth makes you feel like bugs (or something) is crawling on your skin. Meth actually can cause this skin crawl phenomenon in many users.
The positive effects — and the reason so many become dependent — include euphoria and stimulation. Many users enjoy that meth gives them focus and energy to accomplish things. That sense of accomplishment can help fuel a mental and emotional addiction, on top of the physically addictive components.
In the longer term, using meth can have even worse effects on the body. Chronic, long term meth users appearance can drastically change. Users often lose large amounts of weight due to the fact that meth is a stimulant and appetite suppressant. Meth has been known to make users lose their teeth, coining the term “meth mouth” in many circles.
In additional to aging quicker and sagging skin, using this drug can cause users to develop meth sores. Because their body is in under such stress from the drug, lack of sleep, and not eating, it can’t properly heal itself. Combine that with the anxious picking habit many meth users develop and it’s a perfect recipe for meth scars.

Treatment Options

If you or a loved one are struggling with meth addiction, seek professional help immediately. Meth is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, so most people need medical attention and therapy to become sober.
Meth withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and intense. To help kick the habit, please contact our NJ rehab center and we can help the user treat the meth addiction and return to a life free from addiction.