24 Questions to Determine if You Are Addicted to Drugs

24 Questions to Determine if You Are Addicted to Drugs

It can be hard to acknowledge that you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, especially if people who also use and seem to function normally surround you. Not all that use alcohol or drugs are addicted, but it is important to understand when you are addicted so that you can get the help that you need before your life becomes unsalvageable. There is a list of questions that you can ask yourself to determine if addiction is affecting your life.

Questions to Ask yourself to Determine if You are  Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

  1. Have you ever taken drugs or alcohol to self-medicate?
  2. Have you tried to stop using drugs or alcohol and failed?
  3. Have you ever used more than one drug at a time?
  4. Have you ever run out of a prescription before you should have?
  5. Have you ever used someone else’s prescription medication?
  6. Have you ever searched for doctors to get medication?
  7. Are you becoming apathetic about previous interests?
  8. Have you grown a tolerance, or needed more of the drug, to get high?
  9. Do loved ones tell you that you have changed or become bitter?
  10. Do you have an awkward sleep schedule as a result of using drugs or alcohol?
  11. Do you operate heavy machinery while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  12. Do you spend a majority of your day thinking about using drugs or alcohol?
  13. Do you have trouble getting through the week without using drugs or alcohol?
  14. Have you had to up your prescription medication dose to feel effects?
  15. Have you ever experienced a blackout or short-term memory loss from using?
  16. Do you feel shame or guilt from using drugs or alcohol?
  17. Has your family ever said anything to you about your drug or alcohol use?
  18. Have you skipped out on responsibilities to use drugs or alcohol?
  19. Have you had legal or work issues because of using drugs or alcohol?
  20. Have you ever gotten into a fight brought on by drug or alcohol use?
  21. Have you ever broken the law to obtain drugs or alcohol?
  22. Have you previously gotten help through treatment for drug or alcohol abuse?
  23. Have you experienced medical issues brought on by drug or alcohol use?
  24. Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop using drugs or alcohol?

If you have answered yes to any, some, or most of these questions, you may be struggling with an addiction. We encourage you to contact us and speak with a professional who may be able to give you some guidance. Sometimes, just having an ear to listen can be incredibly therapeutic.

Addiction is much more than using drugs or alcohol too much. It is about behaviors that come from using drugs or alcohol. Mostly, those that experience negative consequences as a result of using drugs or alcohol are frequently the ones addicted to a substance.

Tolerance and Dependence: Warning for an Addiction to a Substance

One of the biggest warning signs that a person is at risk for developing addiction is an increased tolerance for drugs or alcohol. This means that the individual has to take more than previously to attain a high or get drunk. This happens when the brain starts to recognize the chemical components of the drug in the body and require more for the body to recognize the effects. Along with tolerance, dependence is a major sign of addiction. Although not all individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol has formed dependence, the majority has. Dependence is when the body is so familiar with a drug or alcohol that it actually does not function properly without it. Withdrawal symptoms are the result of drug or alcohol dependence. So, if you have ever tried to stop using drugs or alcohol and have had to relapse due to withdrawal pains, you have a dependence to your drug of choice. Once you have developed tolerance and dependence, a drug or alcohol detox protocol may be your best option.

Treating Your Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

Fortunately, if you have discovered that you are addicted to a substance, there is help available to you. Treatment is successful for those that make a commitment to sobriety. If you are ready to get help, The Discovery Institute has a long list of programs that are available to you. We know that addiction is different for everyone, which is why we help you come up with an individualized treatment plan to place you in the direct path for long-term recovery success!

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