Best New Jersey Rehab | How are Bath Salts Legal?

The media explosion about bath salts over the past few years is not unwarranted. This drug disguised as household products has been wreaking havoc since it emerged in the mid-2000s, and the best New Jersey rehab centers have been assisting individuals with its abuse since.

‘Bath salts’ is actually the informal name for a family of designer drugs often containing substituted cathinones. Having no known legitimate use, these designer drugs are falsely labeled as ‘bath salts,’ ‘plant food,’ ‘insect repellant,’ or even ‘stain remover’ and other innocuous substances. Sellers are then able to distribute the drug to smoke shops and mini-marts, dodging drug laws by labeling the bath salts “not safe for human consumption.”

Bath salts are also sold on the streets under a variety of names. Besides ‘Bath Salts,’ the drug is commonly referred to as Star Dust, Red Dove, White Lightning, Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, Lovey Dovey, and Snow Leopard. This makes tracking and eliminating the selling of bath salts even harder.

There are several ways for a state to ban chemical substances like those found in bath salts. However, laws for banning can be ambiguous and it is unclear how many states have enacted substitute cathinone bans. As of August 2017, New Jersey banned a drug-related to bath salts, commonly known as ‘Flakka.’ Yet, banning bath salts and cathinones altogether is difficult since minor changes to the chemical composition of the drug can create new, but very similar, drugs not previously covered by the law. It also still remains that legal to sell bath salts over the internet and in stores in a handful of states.

Can the best New Jersey rehab help me with bath salts addiction?

The Best New Jersey Rehab is Available to Help with Abuse of Bath Salts

If you or someone you know has taken up the use of bath salts or related drugs, the best New Jersey rehab is available to you with evidence-based treatment programs and a caring staff. Contact the Discovery Institute for assistance with a bath salts intervention for someone you know, or detoxification and therapy programs for yourself. Discovery can help you get on the path away from drug abuse and onto a healthier, happier life.