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Top Rated Drug Rehab Centers | Why is Xanax Dangerous?

Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MD By December 1, 2017
Who offers the best addiction treatment in New Jersey?

Xanax is meant for treatment of anxiety disorders and depression. However, using this drug to avoid emotional or psychological problems can result in Xanax addiction. Keep reading to learn from top rated drug rehab centers how the use of Xanax can quickly escalate to unintended and unanticipated high levels and how it can affect you.

How is Xanax Addictive?

Prolonged use of Xanax can cause the user to develop a tolerance, which requires more and more of the drug for the same effects. Once a tolerance has been developed, dependence is an expected outcome after the drug has been used for more than 6 weeks. Physical dependence on Xanax is very common, even when Xanax is taken in recommended doses. Once a dependence has taken hold, the user suffers addiction.

How Can Xanax Addiction Affect Me?

Ongoing use of Xanax can cause damage to blood vessels, uncontrollable muscle twitching, and excessive weight loss. Other permanent damage to your overall health includes possible cardiopulmonary collapse, acute kidney damage, and harm that may occur as a result of seizures or coma from Xanax use.

Aside from your health, Xanax addiction, like all other addictions, can affect every facet of your life. At work, you may experience difficulty concentrating, mental impairment, or even job loss due to poor performance. When it comes to relationships, continued Xanax use can make you apathetic and display anti-social behavior. Moreover, you may experience interpersonal conflicts due to aggressiveness.

Xanax addiction also hurts your mental well-being. From depersonalization and depression to mood swings and suicidal thoughts, Xanax can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and perspective on living.

Get Help for Xanax Addiction from Top Rated Drug Rehab Centers in NJ

How can top rated drug rehab centers help me?

If you or someone you know is suffering from Xanax addiction or abuse, the Discovery Institute can help. Contact us today learn about our services and treatment programs. With licensed, caring staff available 24/7 through rehabilitation, Discovery can help you overcome addiction and lead a healthy, fulfilled life.

Article Reviewed by Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MDDr. Jeffrey Berman is a psychiatrist in Teaneck, New Jersey and is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He received his medical degree from State University of New York Upstate Medical University and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He also speaks multiple languages, including French and Hebrew.

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