Vocational services at Discovery Institute help clients to find work once they return to the “real”
world, and gives them the skills and tools necessary to be a great potential job candidate. Many people who arrive at treatment have been out of the workforce for a while or may have never been in it at all. Our therapists work with the client on a few different levels to get them back to being a responsible, working adult.

Why Vocational Services

Vocational services are an important part of treatment because it gives clients hope for the future and the tools they need to succeed. While rehab is a wonderful stepping stone to sobriety, what a person does after they graduate is extremely important. Finding a job is one of the most important things they can do to get on the road to independence, financial security, and a healthy sober life. With the support and education needed to do so through vocational services, individuals in early recovery have a better potential for developing successful and sustainable jobs and careers. Other benefits of offering vocational services to recovering individuals may include:

  • Discovering and utilizing unknown talents or skill sets within the working community
  • Discovering career and educational opportunities that best match an individual’s long-term recovery goals
  • Help with financial and decision making process for educational needs
  • Helping to overcome problems that arise in finding a job, career, or education opportunities
  • Helping to provide the means for recovering individuals to live lucrative and succesful lives with a career they not only need, but enjoy as well

Vocational Services Offered by Discovery Institute

Our clients will be evaluated on their job history, education history, and special skills. We then work with everyone individually to identify jobs that may be a good, realistic match. Uncovering professional strengths and weaknesses allows clients to realize where they are and what they may be good at.

Skill Surveying: Often times, individuals are ready to leave treatment without any clue as to what they wish to do next. Surveying skills helps these individuals define where their skills lie and which careers, educational path, or jobs may be beneficial, according to skill set, to take advantage of. Also, surveying of specific skills may help to determine opportunities that may have been overlooked and discover skills that an individual may not know they posess.

Career Counseling: This type of individualized counseling involves an in-depth conversation about career goals with an addiction therapist who has experience with recovery vocational services. During these sessions, individuals can discuss and discover long-term desires and aspirations for a potential career. Additionally, career counseling provides education and training for effectively searching for jobs that can lead to a promising career path.

Resume Building and Interview Training: Our professional staff helps clients to build a resume and cover letter, and they teach interview skills so that a person may know what to expect from a job interview. We do mock interviews to address things that may come up and offer each other constructive criticism on how to improve. The goal of the program is to get clients feeling comfortable and positive about re-entering the workforce, and a resume and interview training provide the confidence needed along with a headstart.

Educational Guidance: For the individuals who wish to follow a path that requires futher education, educational guidance vocational services can offer help to attain the education desired. These services include guidance to find scholarship opportunities, grants, student loans, and federal funding when available. Other than aiding to find financial help, educational guidance services help to identify trade schools, universities, or community classes that provide the educational services that an individual needs to reach his or her goals.

Career Management: For each individual wishing to benefit from vocational services offered at The Discover Institute, a case manager will be assigned. The case manager will help the individual throughout their journey utilizing vocational services so that help is available whenever challenges arise. There are many hurdles that may keep a recovering individual from attaining their vocational goals, and the case manager will offer resolutions or crisis management so that the individual can move forward with attaining their career objectives.

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