Addiction to alcohol or drugs can affect anyone, and first responders are no exception to the
rule. They work in a fast-paced, emotionally charged and adrenaline fueled industry that can wear a person down. They are identified as heroes and helpers, so it may be difficult for them to reach out to get the help they so desperately need.

First Responders and Rehab

Because of the stress and danger of their jobs, we tend to see a lot of rescue workers come in as clients. At Discovery Institute, we recognize that they need specialized help for the situations they have been in, and will continue to be in once they complete the program. We encourage all first responders to reach out for help, even though they are the ones who usually do the helping.

For this specialty group of people, we offer addiction services and mental health services, along with PTSD treatment and trauma therapy. Whether a person is active or still on-the-job, we are confident that the right treatment can change the course of your addiction and get you back on the right track to saving lives and helping other people in need as a respected professional and admired hero.

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