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Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Program

At Discovery Institute, we recognize how difficult it can be to get a loved one afflicted with drug abuse and addiction to agree to go to treatment. For this reason, we encourage and support interventions.

A drug and/or alcohol intervention is when a number of people close to an addict come together to confront the addict about their concerns at once. This should be done with love and kindness because a person in active addiction will not respond to criticism and anger positively. The goal is to get the addict to see how many people are concerned about them and to see for themselves how dangerously their addiction has progressed.

Discovery Institute offers guidance to loved ones who are attempting an intervention. From the planning process to helping with intervention best practices, we can help you have the best chance possible in making your loved one recognize the severity of their addiction and agree to get help.

We can also recommend people to come assist with your intervention. Many doctors, therapists, and even religious leaders are specially trained in addiction intervention and can be present to help facilitate the conversation and be an “outsider” voice when things get emotional.

The best way to reach a person dealing with drug abuse and addiction is when they are sober, if possible. A calm, loving demeanor will always get the best reaction, and an intervention should never be confused for an attack. If you are able to get the person to agree to treatment, fact action is necessary. Call Discovery Institute at 800.714.2175 to arrange treatment today.

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