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Escaping the Jersey Shore’s Toxic Drug Problem

By August 1, 2018

New Jersey, as much as we all love it, has its share of problems with drugs. They slowly but surely get into every part of a person’s life: their bank account, their personal interactions, their jobs, and their ability to live the kind of life they want. It is hard to live with that kind of burden, but luckily, rehab is there to take people away from that kind of life. When it comes to addiction rehab, New Jersey detox centers are more than enough to escape that lifestyle. For many, rehab is the first step in the path to freedom from drugs and their addictive control over the mind.


Detox Is The Second Step

While medically, detox is the first step of rehab, the real first step is voluntarily deciding to change from being an addict. Addiction is something that is generally voluntary to some degree, and in order to get away from it, the withdrawal must be voluntary too. Both the mind and the body must pull away from drugs in order to be effective. After this step, detox is just a medical procedure to cleanse the body.


Staying Clean

Just clearing the body and mind of drugs isn’t quite enough for some people to truly quit, and  for these people, there are additional services that can continue the quitting process even after the body is cleansed. Group meetings, therapy sessions, and other aftercare go a long way toward ensuring the continued mental and emotional health of the former addict. These services  go a long way toward continuing to reinforce the new life the patient fought so hard for in the first place, and make it so they don’t have to go through the process of detox again, by helping to fight the temptation that caused it in the first place.

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