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Drug Rehab Centers in NJ | How Does Art Therapy Help Recovery?

By January 10, 2018
How does art therapy help with drug rehab centers in NJ?

Art therapy can be used in combination with treatment from drug rehab centers in NJ or aftercare programs to provide a person with an outlet for expression and healing. It is useful in helping individuals understand and cope with addiction.

Getting Out of Your Head

Art therapy gives a sense of immersion for the artist. The treatment can cause a person to get intensely absorbed into the experience of creating. In this way, the artist has the opportunity to get out of the mind and quiet those loud thoughts. Being more intuitive during the internal creative process then becomes a sort of meditation.

Putting Thoughts into Words

Art therapy also serves as a way to bridge a person’s inner thoughts and feelings with communication to others. For some, addiction can be very to talk about. However, art therapy helps to open up communication and increase self-awareness.

Can art therapy supplement drug rehab centers in NJ?

Artwork produced in therapy can be messy and abstract, just like some of our emotions. It can also be calm and serene, like when a person comes to terms with accepting truths of their addiction. The artist can take solace in the fact that there is no right or wrong way to create. Overall, this kind of self-expression offers direct relief from feelings that could be overwhelming if otherwise left unexpressed.

Both traditional therapy and art therapy help a person practice self-reflection and healthy coping skills. However, art therapy can support a person in exploring aspects of life that might not be explained in a conversational way.

Seek Help with Sobriety from Drug Rehab Centers in NJ

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