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Addiction recovery is a journey made up of many steps. The first step of this journey is generally a detox. Detoxification is the process that your body undergoes as it cleanses itself from any harmful substances used. A detox program is the foundation in which the rest of the treatment program is built.

During detoxification, recovering individuals will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms range in severity from intense fatigue and headaches, to mental symptoms such as depression and anxiety. This is why it’s crucial to undergo detox in an accredited facility with trained medical professionals.

Our licensed medical specialists will provide around-the-clock supervision to ensure your symptoms are monitored. Your safety and comfort is our number one priority throughout the addiction recovery journey.

Getting Help in Trenton: How to Choose the Right Facility

Choosing the right facility for your unique needs is vital to a successful recovery. Recovery centers specialize in a spectrum of different areas and have varying levels of care. One facility may be ideal for one recovering individual, while another may benefit more from a different one.

Whether a treatment center is right for you can be determined based on a multitude of factors. You may want to ask yourself questions such as: Does this recovery center offer treatment for co-occurring disorders? Do they specialize in certain addictions over another? What differentiates their treatment center from others?

These are all great questions to ask when assessing a recovery center. Most importantly, a treatment facility must personalize treatment for each member. Each recovering individual has a unique background and addiction story. Treatment must be tailored to each person with long-term recovery as the main goal.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality treatment in an encouraging and supportive community. The use of evidence-based methods is a focal point of every single treatment. We encourage you to reach out to our addiction specialists if you have any questions or concerns about choosing the right recovery center for you.

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Trenton, New Jersey

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment programs, otherwise known as residential treatment, is the highest level of care offered at a Trenton recovery center. Residential treatment is generally geared to individuals with mild to severe addiction. This program can also be ideal for those with an unstable home environment.

These intensive programs require the recovering individual to reside at the facility. There is a structured routine that takes place daily. This routine includes evidence-based methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and group sessions with like-minded peers. Residential treatment typically runs from 28 to 90 days, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient treatment is the level of care with the most flexibility. These programs are often ideal for those who either need a step-down program, or have serious responsibilities outside of recovery. For example, you may be the caretaker of a child and are unable to find a babysitter. In other cases, you may have a strict work schedule and can only partake in treatment on the weekends.

No matter your schedule, outpatient treatment programs aim to work around your needs. There are two types of outpatient treatment programs: standard programs and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). Regarding standard programs, there is no time requirement. With IOPs, recovering individuals are required to dedicate at least 9 hours to treat each week.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are a step down from residential treatment. These programs offer a high level of care with more flexibility than a standard inpatient treatment program. A partial hospitalization program is also referred to as a type of outpatient program.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) states that PHPs must provide 20 hours of care per week. PHPs typically offer at least five days of treatment every week but may also reach seven days a week if necessary. PHPs provide top quality drug and alcohol treatment resources such as access to mental health care services. However, the recovering individual is not required to reside at the facility to receive these resources.

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Trenton, New Jersey Suboxone and Methadone Clinics

When your body becomes dependent upon a substance, removal of the substance can result in physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms. Medical detoxification provides a safe environment for withdrawal from drugs or alcohol under 24/7 medical care. It may be necessary for a recovering individual to receive medication to alleviate some symptoms regarding the detox process.

Certain Trenton recovery centers may prescribe Suboxone or Methadone. Suboxone or Methadone have the potential to help a drug-dependent individual taper off of an opioid addiction safely and effectively. Both medications are used in Opiate Replacement Therapy (ORT) to aid in opioid temptations and cravings.

A select few special clinics can prescribe Suboxone or Methadone as it is a very serious process. The necessity of a medical detox will be dependent upon factors such as the severity of the addiction and withdrawal symptoms. It is important to emphasize that this process is temporary, as well as closely supervised by a medical staff.

Mental Health Services in Trenton, New Jersey

Mental health is a vital component in the majority of treatment plans at a Trenton recovery center. Our treatment prioritizes the treatment of co-occurring disorders, also known as a dual-diagnosis. A dual diagnosis refers to an individual that is struggling with addiction in addition to a mental health disorder.

Addiction tends to have underlying mental and emotional roots. Perhaps an individual began using it as a way to cope with pain. In other cases, the consistent use of a substance may have led to the development of a mental health disorder.

Regardless of the case, mental health services aim to replace toxic habits with healthy coping mechanisms that’ll set you up for future success. Mental health services at a recovery center such as ours aim to provide evidence-based therapy, ranging from one-on-one sessions to group therapy.

Trenton, New Jersey Recovery Meetings Near Me

Recovery meetings are a powerful tool in the addiction treatment process. No matter the addiction, there’s a support group that can lend you an empathetic ear. The majority of Trenton drug and alcohol recovery centers suggest or require attending these recovery meetings during treatment.

This is because individuals who attend them are more likely to remain in recovery. Here are some options that you have for addiction recovery support groups and 12-step programs.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings (AA)

Trenton Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are centered around the belief of a Higher Power. These meetings have a 12-step approach that is rooted in a faith-based structure. AA meetings aim to help existing or recovering individuals struggling with alcohol-related addictive disorders.

No matter what stage of addiction you’re in, AA meetings will have open doors for you. The sense of community you experience will act as a building block in the addiction recovery process.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

If you’re a recovering individual struggling with a drug-related addictive disorder, then NA meetings can help you receive the support you deserve. NA meetings have the same structure as the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. NA meetings are also centered around a belief in a Higher Power.

These meetings follow the same 12-step approach as AA meetings. Recovering individuals will have access to a coach that helps them navigate the ups and downs of addiction recovery.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Recovering individuals are often surrounded by loved ones trying their best to help. The addiction recovery process can be difficult on both sides of the spectrum. The loved ones surrounding a person struggling with substance use deserve care and attention too.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings aim to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable communicating and expressing their feelings. There is an immense power in creating a safe space where people feel free to express their thoughts and internal dialogue.

Members of these meetings are encouraged to unite and share personal stories. This is a great opportunity to give and get support in an encouraging community.

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings focus on behavioral therapies and counseling. Rather than a faith-based approach, SMART Recovery Meetings prioritize more scientifically rooted methods.

The goal of these recovery meetings is to help drug or alcohol-dependent individuals work through addictive behaviors. In these meetings, you’ll learn about healthy coping mechanisms in a supportive peer environment.


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What Makes Trenton, New Jersey Unique?

Trenton, located in Mercer County, is the dynamic capital of New Jersey. From its historical background to exciting attractions, there’s plenty of activities to choose from when staying in Trenton. If you’re a fan of rich history, then you’ll appreciate the many sites this gem of a town has to offer. For example, the New Jersey State House and Old Barracks Museum are museums full of interesting insight into the colonial times.

If you’re more inclined towards nature, then Stacy Park will surely leave you feeling more peaceful and appreciative of the natural scenery around us. You’ll come to see beautiful views of the river and the surrounding trees.

Besides history and nature, Trenton also has a great shopping and dining scene. From Italian to Mexican to local seafood, there’s plenty of diverse dining options for your taste. After a nice meal, you can take a stroll at the Capital Center Mall.

As charming of a town as Trenton may be, it is no stranger to the drug epidemic sweeping our nation. Communities all over our state are becoming more affected year after year by drug and alcohol addiction. It’s our goal to provide the highest quality drug and alcohol treatment resources for recovering individuals.

Trenton, New Jersey Drug Abuse Statistics – You’re not alone in this struggle

Did you know that 44% of Trenton residents sought treatment for opioid and heroin addiction, while 26% sought treatment for alcohol abuse in 2017? Trenton is a community that’s deeply struggling with the national opioid addiction epidemic, as well as issues with drug trafficking.

In 2018, opioid and heroin overdoses took the lives of over 700 people in New Jersey by August. In Trenton and Mercer County, 49 fatal overdoses were confirmed in merely the first four months of the year. As stated by the New Jersey state government, there were a total of 2,750 fatal opioid overdoses in New Jersey in 2017. An estimated half of these overdoses involved fentanyl, an opioid that is even more potent than heroin.

It’s time for us to answer this wake-up call and help those in need. Here at Discovery Institute, our goal is to give you the tools you need to live a sober and fulfilling life. Our licensed counselors and addiction specialists will be there for you every step of the addiction recovery journey.

No matter what you’re going through, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here. We’re waiting for your call!

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