Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources in Paterson, New Jersey 07503

Drug and substance abuse is a significant problem in the U.S., affecting many communities. In 2017, there were 82,644 treatment admissions reported in the New Jersey Department of Health. The increase in these cases has necessitated the need for the development of treatment resources in Paterson.

The Division of Mental Health and Addiction oversees the treatment resources in Paterson. The agencies aim at providing a full array of services. These include early intervention and substance abuse prevention, emergency screening, and intensive mental health care.

With all that there is to be done in providing treatment, let’s look at the types of services offered in the treatment centers in Paterson.

How Many Treatment Centers are in New Jersey?

New Jersey is on the record for having the highest number of overdose deaths in 2018. The opioid crisis, for example, is likely to claim more lives than Alzheimer’s disease, the flu, cancer, car accidents, and suicide combined. If the trend continues, drug-related deaths could become the sixth-leading cause of death in New Jersey.

Dealing with the crisis is a challenge never seen before, but efforts to combat it are in place. One of them is ensuring there are adequate treatment resources in Paterson and other areas.

The centers are well-developed therefore, you wouldn’t miss one offering the kind of treatment you seek. Most of the treatment resources in Paterson are designed to provide abuse treatment programs to help patients overcome their drug addictions.

Examples of treatment centers are those that deal with alcohol abuse. Most of these provide information regarding Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Also, most of them operate under the Jersey Intergroup and provide local services to alcoholics in the area.

The Jersey Intergroup provides services in different parts of New Jersey, targeting those services that individual groups can’t offer.

Another example is the Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) that operates in several other locations. Canada, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, and the U.K. are all beneficiaries of the program. Patients can find a convenient center within New Jersey.

The SMART program is designed to help beneficiaries deal with addictions. It also serves to help reduce conflict between family and friends by working with professionals on the path to recovery.

Besides, there are online resources that can help a patient connect with a treatment center. Online directories provide a list of registered and reliable drug addiction treatment centers. Most of these offer both out-and inpatient services depending on the patient’s condition.

What Types of Treatment Resources are in Paterson City?

Considering the many types of addictions there are, the treatment centers in Paterson vary. On a broad category, the centers are classified into those that offer alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Others are for drug abuse and addiction, while others are for behavioral addictions.

The facilities are either inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient drug and alcohol centers operate in almost a similar fashion like residential ones. However, their set up manner is slightly different.

Outpatient Recovery Centers

Outpatient centers provide patients with freedom of movement, allowing them to remain committed to family and work. Recovering addicts have a higher level of flexibility to continue with their lives. As well as, not having to explain a prolonged absence to family, friends, or colleagues.

Residential Recovery Centers

With the residential centers, patients are provided with a safe and secure environment. The centers separate the patients from the negative factors that influence them into addictive habits. Residential centers offer support networks for patients in the form of support groups and family counseling.

Outpatient alcohol and drugs centers in New Jersey are outspread in Newark, Paterson, and Jersey City, among other states and cities.


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What Programs Are Offered In Paterson City?

There is a wide range of programs offered in Paterson city. Most of them are specific to the patients they target. They include the following.

1. Parents and Family Substance Abuse Support Group

This is a support group for parents whose children are addressing drug or alcohol abuse. The Community in Crisis Organization, founded by parents against opioid, supports the group. The group is open to all attendees.

2. Professionals in Recover

This is a group that supports professionals who are recovering from addiction. It’s home to those in professions like aviation, law, medical, and law enforcement.

3. Relapse Prevention Support Group

This group discusses the triggers of drug abuse, relapse plans, and healthy coping skills. This helps you to stay sober even after leaving the facility.

4. Women’s Early Recovery Group

The group offers support to women in recovery, struggling with the same issues. The most commonly addressed problems are self-esteem and assertiveness. Members are also assisted in learning to live without the use of alcohol or chemicals.

5. Men’s Anger Management

While anger is a way to express one’s feelings, it can threaten an individual’s well-being. The anger management group helps the participants to identify their triggers to anger and the physical warning signs. It also helps develop anger reduction strategies and coping skills.

The group mostly relies on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and addresses self-destructive behaviors as well.

Other programs available include

  • Freedom Groups
  • Parents Enduring Loss to Addiction
  • Early Recovery of Substance Use Disorders
  • Mindfulness Skills Group
  • Young Adult Substance Abuse
  • Multi-Family Therapy
  • Stress and Pain Management
  • Addiction Recovery Group among others

If you’re looking for help with addiction for yourself or a loved one, these are professional groups that provide therapy. Note that addictions are deceptive because they begin small but take a hold on you. Letting them go may be the biggest challenge you ever have to tackle.

Final Thoughts

Recovering from drug use and addiction is not always an easy task. For a higher success rate, it calls for the help of treatment and rehabilitation centers. The Treatment resources in Paterson City in New Jersey have made significant leaps in providing various treatment therapies.

Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction no longer has to be a personal matter. Join the rest of the community and let them walk with you through the recovery journey.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us.