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If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is important that treatment is sought right away. There are a wide variety of treatment resources in Monmouth County, New Jersey that can help. Addiction can happen to anyone, and it can strike at any time; it’s important that it is taken seriously so that addicted individuals can break free from it and they can go on with a happy, healthy, and drug and alcohol-free life.

Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Thankfully, there are numerous drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Monmouth County. Not only does this mean that there are many people seeking treatment there, but it also means that individuals who need treatment have a number of options, and they can, therefore, choose a program that is specific to their needs and which is perfect for their unique situation.

There are currently more than twenty-five different drug and alcohol rehabilitation, support, and counseling facilities operating in Monmouth County. Some of these facilities offer inpatient, residential treatment for those who need it, and others are outpatient only. Others offer both options to their clients.

Some of the treatment resources in Monmouth County focus their services on detox, while others provide longer-term programs. All offer professional counseling, therapy, and support for people suffering from addiction. Some provide medications that can help reduce and relieve the mental and physical pain that sometimes comes with getting clean and sober.

Monmouth County Drug Abuse Statistics

You’re not alone in this struggle; people of all ages, backgrounds, and economic status suffer from addiction every day. In Monmouth County alone, 6,185 residents entered drug or alcohol treatment programs in 2017. 1,985 of those individuals’ primary problem was with alcohol, 2,805 were experiencing an addiction to heroin, and the remainder had issues with other drugs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction often goes hand in hand with mental health struggles. Substance abuse is frequently a co-occurring disorder that is a symptom of deeper issues such as anxiety, depression,  ADHD, PTSD, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and others. In the case of teenagers, some studies suggest that as many as sixty percent of adolescents in treatment for drug or alcohol abuse also suffer from one or more of these conditions.

In Monmouth County, a wide variety of people enter treatment programs. All age groups are represented in these treatment facilities, and all races as well; 75% of clients that began treatment in 2017 were white, 16% were African-American, 8% were Hispanic, and 1% were from other races. 60% of them completed college, while another 23% at least attended some college. Both men and women were represented, with 65% of new treatment patients being men, and women accounted for 35%. Only 5% were homeless; 82% lived independently, and 13% were institutionalized in some way, such as in jail or in a residential mental health facility.

Monmouth County Recovery Meetings Near Me

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation does not always need to be residential. There are many services that can be utilized in an outpatient format. Support groups and meetings can be quite helpful for those struggling when attended regularly, and they are available countywide in a number of locations. People needing support can attend a support group every day of the week if they so desire.

Support groups may differ immensely from one another, so you or your loved one may consider trying several before choosing one that feels right. Some are focused on alcohol addiction, while others focus on drug abuse, and still, others may include both. There are different philosophies of recovery and therefore it is vital that you find one that aligns properly with your own.

In order to find Alcohol Anonymous meetings that are local to you and that work with your schedule, visit the Central Jersey Intergroup website online. Central Jersey Intergroup offers meetings every day of the week in local libraries, churches, and other meeting places in Monmouth County and beyond.

If your issue is with drugs, you may want to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings specifically. NA in NJ is the website that will help you to find a group meeting accessible to you. Check out their website for more information.

When your friend or family member is addicted to drugs, you suffer right along with him or her. If you love someone who has a substance abuse problem, you may benefit from support as well. Nar-Anon of New Jersey offers support groups for friends and family members of addicted individuals, and they meet frequently throughout Monmouth County as well.

There are other groups that also provide support for people suffering from substance abuse issues in the area too.

  • Women in Recovery is a new support group that focuses on the needs of women. The group meets every Monday at Lumos Counseling at 18 Wallace Street in Red Bank.
  • Sober Sisters also caters to women and meets every other Wednesday at 211 Broad Street in Red Bank.
  • Fortitude & Focus is a once-weekly outpatient group that helps people maintain their recovery. It meets in Freehold.
  • Coping with Addiction in Your Family provides support for pre-adolescent daughters or siblings of people suffering from substance abuse issues.  It meets at Lighthouse Counseling at 615 Hope Road in Eatontown.


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Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Monmouth County

There are pros and cons to both inpatient and outpatient treatment and they are important to consider when determining which is best for yourself or for a loved one. Both can and do help people break free from their addictions, but one or the other will probably be most effective for your specific situation.

Inpatient treatment requires the individual to stay on site in the facility for an extended period of time. The client will sleep and eat there and will participate in counseling and support groups during his or her stay. The intensity of this type of treatment is often very effective, as the client will be immersed in a clean and sober environment twenty-four hours a day.

Outpatient treatment is often less expensive and the client can come and go and can continue to live his or her life normally outside of the rehabilitation facility. He or she will visit the facility frequently for counseling and support, but the client can also work, and be a parent, and can continue to participate in his or her usual activities. Outpatient rehabilitation can be very effective and many find success, but there will also be more distractions and temptations to consider, too.

Getting Help in Monmouth County: How to Choose the Right Facility

Choosing the right Monmouth County treatment center for you is vital for ultimate success. It’s important that you consider whether you would be more comfortable in an inpatient or outpatient facility. Also, you should talk to several different facilities to learn about its program and methods.

Reading reviews online may be of help to you, and speaking to others that you know have attended treatment can benefit you as well. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and learn as much as you can about a treatment center’s support services and successes in the past.

The New Jersey Department of Health’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services has created a searchable directory to help state residents to find treatment. The Monmouth County page of the site includes a comprehensive list of the current treatment options available to you or your loved one when you are in need of help.

Mental Health Services in Monmouth County

Mental illness frequently leads to substance abuse or addiction issues, so if you are suffering from a mental illness, mental health services will be of great help to you. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, common mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can put people at risk for drug abuse problems throughout their lives.

Thankfully, there are also a wide variety of mental health service providers available in Monmouth County as well. As with drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, there are both inpatient and outpatient options. There are more than sixty of these facilities in Monmouth County, and experts at each of them can help you to get mentally on the right path, for a happy and healthy future moving forward.

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