Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources in Marlboro, New Jersey 07746

No matter your situation, if you’re struggling with a drug addiction you’re not alone. Substance abuse is an issue that 20 million Americans face every day. That’s at least 20 million people fighting poverty, dependency, and even death every day.

Some of these people may not even suspect they’re addicts. It’s an illness that sneaks up on its victims, and before they know it, they need help. Luckily, there’s a wide selection of treatment resources in Marlboro, New Jersey, and beyond.

If you’re struggling with substance abuse, know that you’re never alone. There’s always someone willing help. All you need to do is keep reading below to learn how to find them.

Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources in Marlboro

Marlboro may not be the biggest city, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. There are over 40,000 people in the area, all of which have their own unique problems. And many of them relate to you. They want to help, all you need to do is reach out to them.

Keep reading below to learn who you can reach out to if you want to get help for drug addiction.

How Many Treatment Centers are in Marlboro?

There are dozens of treatment centers you can contact for help in Marlboro, New Jersey. Almost all of them have websites you can use to research whether they would be a good fit for you.

Prepare a list of questions to ask the center when you reach out to them. That way, you’ll know for sure if one is better for you than another.

What types of Treatment Centers are in Marlboro?

Many of the treatment centers located in Marlboro are focused on inpatient treatment. This means you may be expected to leave your home for a few weeks to focus on recovering from an addiction. A few weeks is a worthwhile price for the rest of your life, though!

What Programs are Offered in Marlboro?

It doesn’t matter if you have a dependency on alcohol, opioids, or something like marijuana. Most centers treat a diverse array of addictions, and they will be able to help you recover. Just reach out to them and ask how they can help to find out the specific programs available for you!

Marlboro Drug Abuse Statistics — You’re Not Alone in This Struggle

In Marlboro, New Jersey, you’re surrounded by at least 40,000 people. You should never feel alone in a city that large, and in a state as large as New Jersy! Yet, substance abuse has a way of convincing people that they’re isolated from everyone else.

To overcome that delusion, just take a look at this list of statistics surrounding drug abuse in Marlboro:

  • People Admitted for Some Kind of Substance Abuse: 6,198
  • Expected Number of People Who Will Need Treatment: 6,895
  • People Admitted to Treatment for Alcohol: 1,965
  • People Admitted to Treatment for Heroin: 2,805

There are a lot of people looking for help in Marlboro. Why should you be any different?

Statistics about Mental Health and the connection to Drug Abuse

There is plenty of research connecting substance abuse to mental health issues. In fact, dual diagnoses are common for people who go to treatment centers seeking help. Keep reading below to learn more about the statistics connecting mental health issues and substance abuse.

  • People Admitted for Substance Abuse with a Known Mental Health Issue in New Jersey: 19,803
  • People with a History of Suicide Admitted for Substance Abuse in New Jersey: 929
  • People with a History of Physical or Sexual Abuse Admitted for Substance Abuse in New Jersey: 6,540

Substance abuse doesn’t develop alone. Usually, people turn to substances as a way to medicate deeper issues.

Statistics About Demographics of Users in Marlboro

Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate between gender, age, class, or anything else. Anyone can develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Just look at these figures of people throughout New Jersey for proof:

  • People aged 31-44: 17,734
  • Caucasian People Admitted for Substance Abuse: 50,479
  • Black People Admitted for Substance Abuse: 18,196
  • People Not in the Labor Force Admitted for Substance Abuse: 35,876
  • People with an Independent Living Situation Admitted for Substance Abuse: 64,764

You’re not immune from developing a substance abuse problem just because you’re a man, women, wealthy, or poor. Anyone can develop a problem.

Marlboro Recovery Options

Marlboro has a variety of different kinds of recovery options, organizations, and groups to take advantage of. While many of them focus on the speaker and discussion-style meetings, all of them will work with you to find you help. There are resources you can use to get better — all you need to do is visit them. Here are just a few of your options:

  • Discovery Institute – Marlboro, New Jersey: (732) 333-3167; 80 Conover Rd, Morganville, NJ 07751
  • St. Gabriel’s Church: (732) 946-4487; 100 North Main St, Marlboro, NJ 07746
  • New Hope Behavioral Health Care: (800) 705-4673; 80 Conover Rd, Marlboro Township, NJ 07746

There’s a litany of options to choose from near you. All you need to do is reach out and start getting help!


Find out how we can help

Our compassionate counselors are standing by to answer any questions you may have. After helping thousands of people over the last 50 years, we have the resources to help you and your family and all your individual needs.

Getting Help in Marlboro: How to Choose the Right Facility

Finding the help that actually works for you comes down to your unique situation. Some people respond better in group settings than they would with a speaker guiding them through recovery. Other kinds of people work better in inpatient facilities, where they can focus on getting better.

Choosing the right facility is a matter reaching out to several different ones and asking them about their treatment programs. Gather as much information as possible about as many places as possible before committing to a single one. It’s not just a way to guarantee you get the right help — reaching out is the first step of recovery.

Mental Health Services in Marlboro

There are dozens of mental health professionals and organizations in Monmouth County, all of whom have been trained to handle substance abuse. Some specialize in particular demographics of people, such as Women in Recovery, while others treat all people, generally.

Reach out to any facility and let them know that you’re interested in their substance abuse programs. None will turn you down, and all of them will want to help you.

Addiction is an Illness, and You Will Get Better

Struggling with substance abuse is one of the most isolating and dangerous things anyone can go through. Not only can it be fatal for addicts, but it can tear their families apart and foment substance abuse problems in other people. Luckily, you’re not alone and you have the power to break the cycle of substance abuse.

All you need to do is reach out to any of the numerous treatment resources in Marlboro, New Jersey. You’re never alone when you’re dealing with substance abuse, no matter what you may believe. Contact us to learn why, and to start your journey into recovery!

Your Potential

Finding a life of happiness and sobriety is possible. You are not alone! All you need to do is take the first step.

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