Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources in Jersey City, New Jersey

Drug addiction is a serious illness that affects almost 20 million Americans. Not only can it cost people their lives, but it also leaves people feeling isolated and alone. People who struggle with a drug addiction believe that they are facing it alone.

Yet, that’s also not true. No matter where you are, you can reach out for help. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for treatment resources in Jersey City or beyond. If you suspect you’re an addict and want to get help, you’re going to find it.

Keep reading below to learn more about your treatment options, and what you can do to combat drug addiction!

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources in Jersey City

If you’re located in Jersey City, then you have several options to choose from to get help. It’s a city of over 270,000 people; that means you’re never alone. Keep reading below to learn more about the resources you have at your disposal to get help in Jersey City.

How Many Treatment Centers Are in Jersey City?

There are dozens of treatment centers located throughout Jersey City. Some of them are high-profile and well-known treatment centers, such as the Sunset House. Most of them also focus on inpatient treatment programs, which remove people from their lives so that they can focus on getting better.

What types of Treatment Centers Are in Jersey City?

Most of the treatment centers in Jersey City focus on inpatient treatment. That means you will need to spend a few weeks in a treatment facility. A few weeks is a small sacrifice for recovery though!

What Programs Are Offered in Jersey City?

There are programs for every kind of addiction in Jersey City. While most facilities focus on major addictions, including alcohol or opioid addictions, many will help you with other kinds of addictions, also! All you need to do is call a treatment facility and ask.


Find out how we can help

Our compassionate counselors are standing by to answer any questions you may have. After helping thousands of people over the last 50 years, we have the resources to help you and your family and all your individual needs.

Jersey City Drug Abuse Statistics — You’re Not Alone in This Struggle

The city has around 270,000 residents, meaning you’re not alone. Many people are going through the same struggles that you are. And if you don’t believe it, here’s a list covering some of the basic statistics surrounding drug addiction in Jersey City:

  • People That Sought Treatment for Alcohol: 989
  • People That Sought Treatment for Heroin: 1,642
  • People That Sought Treatment for Marijuana or Hash: 1,194
  • Total Amount of People That Sought Addiction Treatment in Hudson County: 4,534

As you can see, many individuals have reached out for help in Jersey City! You can do the same.

General Statistics About the History of Drug Abuse in Jersey City

Like everywhere throughout the country, opioid addictions skyrocketed following the opioid crisis. And the outbreak of substance abuse wasn’t helped by Jersey City’s location. The city is in between two major drug trafficking and consumption hubs: New York City, and Philadelphia.

As a result, Jersey City was one of the hardest-hit areas when the opioid crisis began.

Statistics About Mental Health and the Connection to Drug Abuse

It’s well known that mental health is closely related to substance abuse. Dual diagnoses are common when treating substance abuse. Keep reading below to learn more about the connection between drug use and mental health.

  • People Admitted for Substance Abuse with a Known Mental Health Issue in New Jersey: 19,803
  • People with a History of Suicide Admitted for Substance Abuse in New Jersey: 929
  • People with a History of Physical or Sexual Abuse Admitted for Substance Abuse in New Jersey: 6,540

Substance abuse rarely develops on its own. Instead, it’s usually the result of a deeper issue.

Statistics About Demographics of Users in New Jersey

Addiction does not discriminate between age, gender, race, or socioeconomic factors. Learn more about the different types of people struggling with substance use disorder in New Jersey.

  • People aged 31-44: 17,734
  • Caucasian People Admitted for Substance Abuse: 50,479
  • Black People Admitted for Substance Abuse: 18,196
  • People Not in the Labor Force Admitted for Substance Abuse: 35,876
  • People with an Independent Living Situation Admitted for Substance Abuse: 64,764

Developing a substance use disorder is not uncommon, regardless of what you may think. Many types of people of different backgrounds and ages end up fighting substance use disorder.

Jersey City Recovery Meeting Options

You have several choices to recover from substance abuse, on your terms, in Jersey City. Several organizations hold AA meetings and similar, other kinds too. Some of these are faith-based, and plenty focuses on keeping people in a group setting.

If you’re with a group, you have a higher chance of recovering, after all. Keep reading below to learn more about where to find these meetings:

  • Northern New Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous: (908) 687-8566, 2400 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083
  • The Barrow Mansion: (201) 604-5981, 83 Wayne St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
  • Christ the King Church: 768 Ocean Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

There are several other options you can find near you. All you need to do is call and ask for help finding a place right for you!

Get Help in Jersey City: How to Find the Right Treatment Center

Choosing the right facility in Jersey City comes down to your unique situation. If you’re able to spend some time away from your day-to-day responsibilities, you should look into a residential treatment program. These programs are the most intense and have the highest rate of long-term recovery.

Unfortunately, not everyone can leave their family, job, or school. There are also many types of outpatient programs available. Make sure you review a centers credibility before making a choice.

Mental Health Services in Jersey City

There are numerous mental health facilities in Jersey City, with a throng of mental health experts to staff them. Seven facilities are located throughout the city, and most of them are designed to help the general public. There are also several mental health experts within the city, each with expertise in different types of mental health.

You can contact an expert in Jersey City to find out more about the expertise. Most doctors and experts would be happy to speak with you regarding any questions you may have.

Addiction is an Illness, and You Will Get Better

Struggling with substance abuse is a grueling, challenging struggle. It’s isolating, it’s confusing, and it’s dangerous. Luckily, there are several treatment resources in Jersey City that you can use to get help!

Recovery can feel scary and make you feel alone. However, you are not. Many people are available to help. Contact us if you’re ready to make a change and focus on a newer and healthier you!

Your Potential

Finding a life of happiness and sobriety is possible. You are not alone! All you need to do is take the first step.

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