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The City of Elizabeth is a populous municipality of more than 125,000 residents in Union County, New Jersey. With drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin, and alcohol dominating the streets, the number of addiction cases is worrisome. Fortunately, there are several treatment resources in Elizabeth where victims of substance abuse can get help.

On average, 35 percent of rehab admissions are alcohol-related, while heroin accounts for 33 percent. Other substances commonly abused in Elizabeth include marijuana, oxycontin, LSD, Restoril, and Percocet.

Rehabilitation centers can correct substance abuse disorders using therapy, detoxification, and other proven treatments. Therapy helps the victim to overcome the thoughts and behaviors that cause addiction, while detox cleanses the body. Proper treatment can lead to lasting sobriety.

Let’s look at the treatment resources in Elizabeth, their types, and the programs available. Read on!

How Many Treatment Centers Are in Elizabeth City

The City of Elizabeth has many treatment centers that serve different groups of people. We shall feature a few reputable rehabs that have earned widespread recognition in the area.

Discovery Institute is a treatment center for people looking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. The facility takes a holistic approach to addiction by addressing the mental, medical, and spiritual aspects of patients. It helps individuals to evaluate and remold their attitudes, values, and behavior.

The facility believes in integrating the patients with their family system and social support networks. This method has been successful in helping individuals to quit substance abuse and avoid relapsing.

For best results, Discovery Institute uses individual therapy, group therapy, and educational seminars. It has also devised a 12-step active involvement plan to cultivate permanent behavior change in patients.

This rehab supports individuals with alcohol and drug abuse disorders around the City of Elizabeth. Some of the services it offers are relapse prevention, outreach to individuals in the community, and anger management. It also employs other treatments that have demonstrated usefulness.

To ensure that every client achieves their sobriety goals, The Jewish Family Service of Central New Jersey provides personalized management. Some of its individualized services target continuing and aftercare patients, adolescents, and transitional age young adults.

This private organization serves people who wish to quit substance abuse in Elizabeth and its outskirts. The rehab provides drug and alcohol treatment services and drug detox.

The approaches used at the rehab include behavior modification and relapse prevention.

The treatment center admits young adults and adults of both sexes.

Lennard Clinic, Inc. devotes itself to restoring the lives of victims of substance abuse. It offers a range of services that resonate with their belief of treatments that work. In their portfolio are outpatient detoxification and drug rehab service.

The center uses multiple rehabilitation techniques like dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive/behavior therapy, brief intervention approach, and others. The rehab aims to develop positive and lasting change in its patients.

Among the services provided at this rehab are cognitive therapy, group therapy, and dual diagnosis drug rehabilitation. The treatments have shown positive results over the years.

It offers specialized treatments to people severely affected by substance abuse, such as the outpatient mental health facility. The treatment center serves young adults as well as seniors.

Family and Children’s Services walks with victims of alcohol and drug abuse in their journey to recovery. It has a wide range of services, including group therapy, couple and family therapy, and individual psychotherapy. It also provides outpatient drug rehab and mental health facility.

What Types of Treatment Centers Are in Elizabeth City

Due to the unlimited types of treatment resources in Elizabeth city, we shall focus on the main categories. If you are looking for a suitable rehab for your loved one, here is what you can expect.

Short-Term Residential Treatment Centers

These rehabs usually offer one-month rehabilitation programs. Though the period is limited, withdrawing the patient from their current environment builds a foundation for transformation. Long-lasting change is achievable with competent support.

Long-Term Residential Treatment Centers

Programs in such facilities run for 60 days and beyond. They are more successful due to prolonged residential intervention. The patient focuses on recovery with minimal distractions.

Outpatient Care

In this setting, patients attend treatment and therapy in a rehab facility before returning home. Although it helps some people to recover, the freedom it offers allows some patients to access drugs and alcohol. Patients must have realistic recovery goals and stay determined to treatment for them to succeed.

Luxurious Rehabs

The luxury option is more expensive than ordinary rehabilitation centers. It comes with low staff to patient ratio to allow for individualized treatments for quick, enhanced results.


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What Programs Are Offered in Elizabeth City

Addiction treatment programs fall into several modalities, and they evolve by the day. They don’t fit neatly into specific classifications.

No matter the terms used, they usually start with detoxification, where the body clears itself of the unwanted substance. The program manages the dangerous physiological effects of withdrawing from the drug.

Safe detoxification goes hand in hand with medically managed withdrawal program. A physician administers medications to help the patient cope with the side effects of withdrawal.

Since detoxification cannot deal with behavioral, social, and psychological issues related to addiction, formal assessment is essential. The patient attends a drug addiction treatment program.

The main groupings of treatment programs available in the City of Elizabeth are:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family and couple counseling
  • Intervention
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Holistic treatment
  • Relapse prevention

There are programs for certain groups of people like adolescents, adults, seniors, veterans, LGBT, women, couples, and more.

Treatment Resources in Elizabeth – Final word

In 2017, Elizabeth had 1245 people seeking treatment for substance use disorder. The figure was the highest amongst all cities in Union County. The number may be disturbing, but seeing drug abuse victims looking for help is encouraging.

The good news is that the City of Elizabeth has many treatment resources. When choosing a rehab, look for one that offers multiple treatment programs as a package. Long-term residential facilities are known to have high success rates.

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