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Can the Village Help Substance Abusers?

By May 3, 2018

When it comes to substance abuse, many in our communities act like it is an individual problem and that people addicted to drugs or alcohol are entirely to blame – that they need to deal with the addiction on their own and “just quit” without any kind of outside help.

For obvious reasons, that position isn’t helpful whatsoever. However, according to at least one group of people here in New Jersey, we could be doing a whole lot more in addition to sending people to drug rehab in NJ. Specifically, they believe that we all need to look at addiction like the disease it is rather than just some problem people should handle by themselves, and we couldn’t agree more.  


It’s a life-and-death situation, but we, as a community, can turn it around.

With clarity of message on Sunday night at TABC, the words of speaker after speaker penetrated the standing-room-only crowd of parents, teachers, school heads and community rabbanim. […]

While complex and fraught with stigma, the challenge and its solution are somewhat simple to explain: By acknowledging that substance abuse and addiction is an illness and that there are those in our community who are fighting it, we as a community can begin to help those struggling. By acknowledging the scourge of addiction, we can help those facing alcohol or substance abuse challenges because they live inside a community that acknowledges the difficulty of their struggle. When we treats this illness as a disease, not as a taboo-topic, we can more actively help our friends and neighbors get the resources they need. Click Here to Continue Reading


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