The idea of binge drinking has shifted over the years in the mind of the  public from a kind of drinking where people would drink consistently over a period of a few days, like Mad Men style chain smoking, or Mad Men style office drinking for that matter to a chugging contest. These days when people binge drink they drink as quickly and as much as they can.

Take the power hour for instance. Have you heard of it? The popular party game involves taking a one ounce shot of beer every minute for one hour. I remember doing it when I was in my twenties and I was never able to finish. In fact, the only person I know who ever did landed themselves in the hospital for alcohol poisoning.


Youth and Binge Drinking

Discovery InstituteBinge drinking is no joke! It can make you so sick that you pass out or worse, binge drinking can kill you. Binge drinking is most prevalent among students. The majority of high school students try alcohol before they turn eighteen years old and many of those engage in binge drinking. College students are even more likely to binge drink.


There are some very real consequences binge drinking. The more you drink the more likely you are to get sick. Binge drinking almost always results in vomiting. Some people vomit so much that they coke on their own bile. It can cause you to feel disoriented and confused. This kind of drinking can cause your breathing to slow down and make your heart rate slow down as well. You may pass out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will stop vomiting. Binge drinking can result in a coma or even death

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