When you’re back from rehab, you have to form some coping skills to deal with stressful situations in a calm and healthy manner. Here are some ideas of ways to reduce stress and panic in the moment.


  1. Practice Deep Breathing – At the first feeling of your stomach tightening or burning, before you feel your throat tightening, start monitoring your breathing. Practice deep breathing. Let your brows relax. Release the tension in your eyes. Allow the corners of your mouth to relax. Inhale deeply by slowly drawing air in through your nostrils. Feel your chest rise until you’ve taken in as much air as possible. Hold the breath in your lungs for a few seconds. Then let the air out through your nose as slowly and intentionally as you took it in. Do this slowly, several times to relax your body.
  2. Count to Ten Slowly – Some people find that slowly counting to ten directs your attention from the stressor to a more analytic space, allowing you a brief distraction through the counting, but also taking you to a more straight line of thinking, allowing you to see the problem from a slightly more objective place. It can calm you and also be a source of a kind of brain reset.
  3. Mindfulness Meditation – Mindfulness meditation is lauded by therapists far and wide as an excellent source of calm when you’re starting to feel anxious and panic. It is often taught in therapeutic recovery programs. You can also find mindfulness meditation apps for your smartphone. They’ll guide you through various timed meditations. 
  4. Discovery InstituteShut off One of Your Senses – Sometimes stress and panic start to take control of us when we are overwhelmed by the amount of sensory information making its way into our brain. Consider impairing one of your senses. You can do this by putting noise canceling headphones on, by turning the lights off and sitting or lying still in a dark room. Turning on a noise machine won’t remove all auditory input but it will block out much of the unpredictable noise around you. For me sometimes it is most successful to shut off two senses. I like to use noise canceling headphones as well and sit comfortably in a dark room. 

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