About Robert Galvin

I began my education at BCC studying Human Services, continued my education with undergraduate and graduate school at Rutgers and Monmouth University respectively. I am currently studying to be certified in brain health through the Amen clinics. My clinical style is client centered which is reinforced with a Motivational Interviewing approach. I believe the client is the expert and my job is to motivate and educate clients to become better informed and motivated to make better decisions. Building rapport through empathy, dignity and respect are the cornerstones of my approach.

I came into this field when I was at a cross roads in my life at around 45 years old. I am passionate about helping people become self-empowered. I certainly find my own past experiences in life to be a major consideration in choosing this field of work.

I discovered after a short amount of time in this field that this was my calling and that feeling has not waned. This field has challenges and potential for personal growth that I have never experienced anywhere else in my life.

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