About John J. Conneely

John has been employed in the substance abuse treatment profession for the past 27 years. His experience has covered the treatment modalities of short-term residential, long-term residential, IOP and OP. John has provided treatment to both the adult and the adolescent populations. John started out as a counseling intern, obtained a CADC and then LCADC with his own caseload. John obtained a CCS and became a supervisor. John has been a director of substance abuse services at an outpatient treatment facility.

John’s initial employment in this profession was at Monmouth Chemical Dependency Treatment Center in Long Branch, NJ. MCDTC was unique as it provided residential, IOP and outpatient services to adolescents under one roof.

Throughout John’s career he has provided services for Ocean County Youth Detention Center, the Ocean County Correctional Institute and the Brick Township School system. John’s responsibilities at the correctional facilities were to conduct assessments and provide counseling services to the inmates. His responsibilities at the schools were to conduct assessments and to provide substance abuse counseling to students suspended for drug infractions.

When New Jersey initiated licensure for LCADC, John was a member of the first group awarded a license. John has also been afforded a Certified Clinical Supervisor after meeting the requirements for certification.

The above has provided John with the experience and knowledge required to provide quality and professional treatment services.

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