The Shocking Truth About the #1 Most Harmful Drug

What is the #1 most harmful drug?

Surely, the most harmful drug is the most deadly one… but it’s not that simple.

Most people will point to drugs that are notorious for ruining lives, causing severe health problems and fatal overdoses. Crack cocaine? Heroin? Crystal meth? If you thought it was any of those, then the answer may surprise you. Despite their highly addictive properties and the havoc they wreak, it isn’t any of those narcotics that top the list.

To find out the answer, first, we must answer this question: “What is dangerous?” Well, in terms of drugs, there is no simple definition. It depends on a multitude of things. According to a scientific study on harmful drugs, there are sixteen parameters of harm that must be considered. They include dependence, the likelihood of mortality, impairment of mental functions, physical injury, criminal activity, loss of tangible socioeconomic things (house or job), and the economic cost to a country. The detrimental effects were divided into two broad categories: harm to users and harm to others. The study also took into account the drugs’ direct and indirect effects on the user. For example, an indirect effect is death due to HIV that was acquired from using contaminated syringes, while a direct effect is death from an overdose.

The study ranked twenty drugs based on these criteria. The top five most harmful drugs are:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Heroin
  3. Crack Cocaine
  4. Methamphetamine
  5. Cocaine

Yes, you read that correctly… alcohol, a completely legal substance, is rated as the number one most harmful drug in the world. Although heroin and crack cocaine came in as close runner-ups, alcohol tops the list primarily because of its harm to others. Every year there are over 3 million deaths caused by the detrimental use of alcohol…that’s 6% of all annual deaths.

Millions of people indulge in the word’s most dangerous drug every day… little do they know how harmful it can actually be. Alcohol abuse has been proven to cause a plethora of health problems, such as liver disease, cardiovascular complications, and neurological disorders. Sexual assault and violent activities are more likely to occur when alcohol is involved. Drunk driving accidents are the leading cause of motor vehicle homicides. And these risks become more serious with repeated use.

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