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Addiction Recovery Therapy Programs

Therapy is one of the biggest parts of addiction treatment. At Discovery Institute, our clients spend most of their day in various kinds of therapy to address their individual issues and larger issues in the addiction community with their peers. We have an extensive therapy program designed to get our clients involved in their own addiction recovery treatment, and identify the core elements that are at the root of their addictive behaviors.

The benefits of therapy include:

  • The opportunity to work through real-life issues
  • Learning techniques to deal with mood disorders
  • Learning techniques to prevent relapse
  • Hearing from your peers about similar experiences
  • Building a sense of self
  • Having a safe place to release emotions and thoughts
  • Learning to be mindful

At Discovery Institute, we give all of our clients various recovery techniques to make sure their individual needs are met.


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Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, the client has the opportunity to sit with their trained addiction therapist one-on-one and talk about areas that may be too personal to address in front of peers. They also have the chance to dive deeper into issues they may have identified in group therapy, but need to process with their primary therapist. This individual attention gives clients a safe place to release emotion and process their thoughts and feelings to find out more about themselves and their addiction.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, our clients come together in small peer groups with their assigned therapist to discuss topics that are relevant to addiction. These groups are a great way for clients to recognize that they aren’t alone in their struggle, and also to learn from their peer’s own experiences. Groups are moderated by a therapist to monitor or facilitate the discussion and prevent cross talk, and keep the group focused on the topics.

Family Counseling

In family counseling, we bring families and loved ones of addicts together with the client to work through issues they may be facing together, and to make sure that loved ones are kept in touch with the progress of the client. Addiction recovery involves the client along with all of the people close to them, so because of this we invite family members to take part in their treatment. Family counseling sessions can be done in-person, and on rare occasion over the phone when an in-person meeting can not be done.
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