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NJ Detox Centers | What Are Speed and Base?

By November 7, 2017
Cand NK detox centers help with speed?

Methamphetamine is available in various forms and therefore offers many methods of substance abuse. However, all forms of methamphetamine and its ingestion can have an intensely negative physical and mental impact, which can include dependence and the need for NJ detox centers.

Although commonly known as crystal meth or ice, other forms of methamphetamine include speed and base. Keep reading for more insight on drug variations if you suspect someone you care about is abusing methamphetamine.

Speed – Although usually in the form of white or yellow powder, speed can also be bought in pill form. People either snort it through the nose, inject it in a solution, or swallow it in tablet or capsule form. Speed is exceptionally dangerous since people who sell it often mix the powder with other drugs that look the same. It is difficult to tell what the drug actually contains, and therefore, speed can have unknown, harmful effects. Speed will be supplied in very small plastic pouches that may have white residue.

Base – This form of methamphetamine is a damp or oily substance with a white, yellow, or brown color. Base can vary greatly in appearance. However, this oily nature of methamphetamine allows it to be more pure than its powder counterpart. Although base is usually injected for faster effects, it is also sometimes swallowed. Someone abusing methamphetamine via base will likely have needle syringes for intravenous injection or plastic syringes that squirt directly into the mouth or onto other items that can be swallowed with the drug.

How Can NJ Detox Centers Help with Methamphetamine Abuse?

Will NJ detox centers help with base addiction?

With regular use, anyone can develop a tolerance to any form of methamphetamine. Tolerance then makes way for dependence and the inability to stop the use of the drug. If someone you know is struggling with abuse of methamphetamine or other substances, contact the Discovery Institute for safe detox and effective treatment for recovery.

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