Alcohol has a troubled history with humankind. Ever since humans first discovered it, it has been made time and time again, and people have drunk it time and time again. Even creation myths and ancient legends have gods and monsters falling prey to alcohol’s addictive and intoxicating effects, and suffering for it. It’s almost surprising that, despite thousands of years of warning, people are still falling into the same trap of addiction people have been getting into since time immemorial. However predictable it might be, though, the fact is that people need to be reminded that alcohol addiction is real, and that it takes effort and work to escape its clutches.


Party Scene

Discovery InstituteAlcohol addiction in New Jersey is more or less influenced by the culture of the area. Jersey is known for its parties and good times, so alcohol isn’t found far behind. However, when there is something to indulge in, overindulgence is a very common risk. Drinking parties, whether at home, at a bar or club, or by oneself, hold a real risk of drinking enough to get alcohol poisoning, and even if it doesn’t progress to that level, it is still a contributor and agitator to an addiction. While it isn’t really practical to suggest not going to parties, picking and choosing the parties, and indulging moderately, are both solid suggestions for those looking to get clean.



Of course, cutting back and quitting are two different things. In order to properly quit from alcohol after being addicted, it takes a restructuring of one’s life that deemphasizes alcohol. In some cases, detox and a full recovery program are important. In these circumstances, a rehab center has all the tools necessary to come back from where alcohol has led.


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Reviewed for Medical & Clinical Accuracy by Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MDDr. Jeffrey Berman is a psychiatrist in Teaneck, New Jersey and is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He received his medical degree from State University of New York Upstate Medical University and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He also speaks multiple languages, including French and Hebrew.

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