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Long Term Residential Treatment Options

By August 29, 2016
Long Term Residential Treatment Options

Long Term Residential Treatment Options

The long term addiction treatment program is designed to be more habilitative in nature due to client’s history of addiction, lack of family support systems, and previous treatment episodes.  We recognize that drug addiction is a chronic, progressive and complex disorder that can involve every aspect of a person’s life including work, family, school, and social.  Therefore, we believe treatment needs to address all these areas of a client’s life.  Long term addiction treatment provides care 24 hours a day in a nonhospital setting.  Treatment focuses on thinking and behaviors that are counter-productive to staying sober, as well as learning to be accountable, responsible and living socially productive lives, which enables the client to experience the rewards of being sober.  Treatment is highly structured with activities designed to help clients examine damaging beliefs, poor self-concepts and destructive patterns of behaviors and adopt new, constructive ways to interact with others.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Therapy

Clients attend morning meditation every morning six days a week, primary group three times a week for two hours, 4.5 hours of lectures a week on topics related to their addictions or staying sober.  In addition, clients meet with their primary counselor, who are all Master’s level counselors and/or licensed counselors, at least once a week to do more focused work, review their treatment plans or deal with personal issues they may not feel comfortable dealing with in front of peers.  Clients can also participate in our Family Education seminars on three times a month and scheduled Family Therapy Sessions.  Clients further attend a 12 step meeting every night, which can complement and extend the effects of professional treatment.

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Insurance may cover up to 100% of your treatment

Discovery Institute works in partnership with most of the leading insurance providers in the country. Depending on your coverage, your stay with us may be covered by your policy’s benefits. Speak to one of our admissions coordinators today to receive a free assessment of benefits.

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