Fear can do terrible things to a person after time. It can make you skittish, it can make you seclude yourself away from people, afraid of what they will think of you, what they will do to you, think of you, the sky’s the limit really. Fear can take any shape it needs to successfully derail someone’s life. In fact you may know that already because fear likely played a role in spurring your addiction.


You Are Naturally Courageous

MayDiscovery Institutebe you’re reading that heading and saying, “how can you say something like that? You don’t know how broken I am. Or maybe you just feel exhausted and like it’s not possible to find the energy to be brave. I know, we don’t know each other that well, but one thing I can tell about humans is that we are resilient. We have survived wars upon wars. People survive concentration camps, enormous natural disasters, people survive decades of physical, emotional, and sexual violence at the hands of strangers or people who were supposed to love them, children who are neglected learn to care for themselves and survive to be adults. Maybe not all of them, but a remarkable number of people have terrible situations like these thrust upon them, and in spite of it they take their lives back and they survive, even thrive.


Ask For Help Being Brave

You may have had any of the experiences I listed above. If so your survival is evidence of your strength and courage. If you aren’t represented in those sorts of trauma, you have your own story with your own valid struggles. But no matter who you are, everyone has it within them to get help. It’s hard. Sometimes it feels impossible to reach out, stare your fear right in the face, and pick up the phone. But you need to ask someone you feel safe with to make the call with you, it is okay. For me sometimes it is easier if I have someone even sitting next to me while I call. But what if you can’t even ask your best friend or your partner?

Maybe it feels like you could have courage, but the fear is draining it from you. Try writing a note to your friend, or your loved one. It is sometimes easier to write a note by yourself and give it to them, or leave it for them and ask them to call you, than it is to use your voice to ask. It is okay to do this. It doesn’t make you a coward and you shouldn’t feel ashamed. Even allowing yourself to consider getting help is proof that you can do this. Grab a hold of the light that is getting in the cracks and pull it through. That glimmer of bravery can become all encompassing. No matter what you do, how you look for that courage within, you must get help and you can do this. Remember that the fear you are feeling does not have to win.


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