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Short Term Residential Rehabilitation Options

Short-Term Residential Rehabilitation Options There are two options for short-term residential treatment at Discovery Institute; short-term stabilization (STS) and accelerated chemical treatment (ACT). The Short-Term Stabilization Program (STS) is a 30-day program that offers an expeditious and comprehensive treatment approach. This program offers individualized treatment that meets the clients where they are in order to […]

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Outpatient Services for Addictive Disorders

Outpatient Services for Addictive Disorders Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders, Inc. has a comprehensive Outpatient Program which includes both the Intensive Outpatient Program (I.O.P.) and the Standard/Traditional Outpatient Program. These intensive outpatient services provide nine hours of services per week while the Traditional Outpatient Program typically meets for one to two hours per week.  Discovery Institute […]

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