More Benefits for Patients Choosing Rehab Centers in New Jersey

This past week, addicts who want to get sober just got another reason to choose a rehab center in New Jersey. Under a new law signed by Governor Christie, individuals who have been convicted of a drug-related crime can qualify for emergency cash assistance as long as they are currently enrolled or on the waiting list for a rehab center in New Jersey. The law even extends to individuals enrolled in outpatient programs.

Assistance for those who choose a rehab center in New Jersey

Under the new law, people who qualify for temporary assistance include:

  • People convicted of drug-related offenses with or without dependents
  • Addicts who seek outpatient treatment
  • Individuals on wait-lists for detox, inpatient, or outpatient treatment
  • People recently released from jail or people on probation for possession charges

When addiction robs someone of their job, family, and freedom, often times that person needs temporary assistance when trying to get back on their feet. Basic necessities, like paying electric bills or getting food, are often impossible for addicts who have recently been released from jail and are seeking addiction treatment. Small cash allowances can help recovering addicts afford to put food on the table for their families while they are getting help for their disorder.

The law that Governor Christie recently signed, bill S-601, allows for individuals who have been convicted of a drug offense to apply for temporary government assistance. S-601 does exclude those convicted of distribution from receiving assistance, meaning that drug dealers and traffickers are still ineligible for welfare benefits.

Getting addicts back on their feet

Certainly, no one wants to rely on government assistance for extended periods of time. But for the recently released addict with criminal charges, getting a job can be difficult, and there are often many other factors that can prevent someone from seeking treatment. Temporary government assistance can help with obstacles to recovery, such as:

  • Financial stress
  • Past-due bills
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of adequate healthcare or nutrition
  • Inability to afford medications

New Jersey has high levels of addiction, but also has quality options for treatment. Today, a drug offense conviction does not have to mean homelessness, unemployment, or poverty for those who choose to address their substance abuse problem. Access to small, short-term benefits can mean the difference between successful recovery and relapse for struggling addicts. New Jersey has just taken a concrete step toward making it easier for addicts to seek help. If you or a loved one needs treatment in New Jersey, Discovery Institute can help. Contact us at 888 616-7177.

Reviewed for Medical & Clinical Accuracy by Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Berman, MDDr. Jeffrey Berman is a psychiatrist in Teaneck, New Jersey and is affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. He received his medical degree from State University of New York Upstate Medical University and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He also speaks multiple languages, including French and Hebrew.

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