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Alcohol Rehab in NJ | Is Alcohol More Dangerous Than Drugs?

By March 12, 2018
Alcohol Rehab in NJ that can help me with my addiction to alcohol

If you are 21 years of age in the U.S. The deadliest drug is completely legal for you to partake in. Ironically enough, alcohol kills more people than any street drug. Below are a few things you might unaware of when it comes to the dangers of alcohol. For more information, contact our Alcohol rehab in NJ today.

Alcohol Is Still Considered the Deadliest Drug

Even though the government has gone to great lengths to stop the supply of illegal drugs, alcohol is still legal. Even though, alcohol-related deaths are more predominant and common than drug-related deaths.

Why Is Alcohol so Dangerous?

One of the main reasons alcohol is so dangerous is how accepted binge drinking is in our society. Binge drinking is normalized and looked at as an innocent way to take the edge off. Not to mention the many obvious risks that come with drinking and driving, and the health issues that occur from excessive drinking.

Is Drinking Still Better Than Doing Drugs?

Addiction is addiction, and substances are substances. There’s no better way to engage in this kind of problematic behavior, whether it’s heroin or alcohol. Unfortunately, in the end, both can end fatally.

Alcohol Rehab in NJ that can help me get sober

Are you looking for an Alcohol rehab in NJ?

Is your binge drinking becoming a problem? Or causing health issues? If your drinking is affecting your life in a negative way, the Discovery Institute can help. With a variety of programs designed to assist you with coping in everyday life, we can help guide them to lifelong recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our therapy options.

Insurance may cover up to 100% of your treatment

Discovery Institute works in partnership with most of the leading insurance providers in the country. Depending on your coverage, your stay with us may be covered by your policy’s benefits. Speak to one of our admissions coordinators today to receive a free assessment of benefits.

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