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Alcohol Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Career, But It Will if You Let It

By October 31, 2018

Work is work and play is play, right? Your nights out surely won’t have any affect on your ability to maintain a stable work life…right? Unfortunately for someone in the grips of an alcohol addiction, no aspect of their life ever escapes unscathed. In fact, work life is often one of the first places that the negative effects of alcoholism often appears. Afterall, it is nearly impossible to hide an addiction all day five days a week for eight hours a day. Addiction doesn’t care about work hours.

Have you ever snuck alcohol into your coffee at work? Or maybe been the only one ordering another round at a team lunch? In-office minibars are coming back from rerun episodes of Mad Men, and in-office kegs are a selling point that some companies lean on quite openly in recruitment. Working at a place that has a lenient policy toward alcohol can seem like a dream at first, but it serves as a potential pitfall for anyone with a proclivity towards alcoholism.

Though it may seem like it is being pushed very heavily in our culture, and possibly at your workplace in particular, there is nothing wrong with abstaining from alcohol. It’s not worth endangering your source of income for a few minor perks, don’t put off making changes. Just because it is permitted does not necessarily mean that it’s a good idea. Protect yourself first, and don’t let your workplace become a slippery slope for your relationship with alcohol.


Alcohol is Hard on Work Environments

Today’s work environment is much more complicated that it was ten or twenty years ago, and it seems pretty much every office has that one employee who regularly pushes the line where it comes to office sobriety. They tend to draw attention and office gossip, annoying and concerning their coworkers. Alcoholism often results in behaviors that are detrimental to a productive work environment such as poor judgment, unreliability, and lack of self control. When people are heavily abusing alcohol they tend to have a very casual relationship with schedules and can be a real burden for a team to carry. It can ruin relationships with clients or sully the reputation of the company as a whole.


Addiction Treatment in NJ at Discovery Institute

Does this sound familiar? Is there someone in your office that matched that profile? Or are you concerned that that person in the office might be you? Alcoholism can drastically alter career trajectory. If alcohol is coming between you and your livelihood, it is time to act.  If you are concerned that your relationship with alcohol might be negatively impacting your potential, it might be time to consider seeking professional help. Discovery institute, one of the top rated drug rehab centers in NJ, can help. Call today to learn more.

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