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A New Jail Program Helps Prevent Inmate Relapse

By July 5, 2018

A new program was recently added to the jail in Pennsylvania’s Union County that is aimed directly at helping the inmates there keep from relapsing back into substance abuse. While it would be absolutely phenomenal if this were to happen everywhere in the country, the fact that so many prisons are now privately owned means it’s very unlikely that will ever be the case. In the meantime, those looking for rehab in NJ should contact us to get sober – especially if there is any chance whatsoever that the user could end up in jail themselves.


Wait time is an enemy of addiction recovery and too often, a delay of days or weeks between leaving jail and landing an open spot in a rehab program is enough to facilitate a relapse.
Union County launched a relapse prevention education program at its jail in April in an effort to help inmates stay sober upon release before beginning therapy.
Six inmates attend 90-minute sessions over eight weeks with a drug and alcohol counselor from White Deer Run in Lewisburg. The program has room for up to eight inmates each session — almost 22 percent of the 37-inmate capacity of the all-male jail. They’re referred for relapse education if substance use issues are detected upon intake.
Inmates undergo cognitive behavioral therapy, according to Roy Stickler, the White Deer Run counselor running the evidence-based program. They study stages of change, from the initial stage of not recognizing one’s addiction exists to the final stage of maintaining sobriety. Click Here to Continue Reading

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