Going to rehab in New Jersey can be a daunting proposition for anyone, but properly preparing yourself for the trip before you leave can help ease some of that tension. You need to think about what you should bring, what you’re going to do with your time, and a myriad of other questions before you hit the road. Here are five different ways you can prepare for an upcoming stint in rehab.

1. Bring the Clothes and Accessories That Make You Feel Human

One of the key issues that some people tend to face in rehab is losing their sense of self. For this reason, it’s important to bring all of the clothes and accessories that make you feel like yourself when you look in the mirror. Bring your favorite pajamas if you like to wear that kind of thing at night. Bring the makeup that helps you feel like you’re still getting ready to take on the day in the morning.

2. Bring a Journal

Writing is one of the most therapeutic aspects of rehab, and you should give it a shot even if you’ve never tried it before. Putting pen to paper can help you get all of your emotions and feelings off of your chest, in addition to simply organizing your thoughts and better understanding your current situation. After years of sobriety, it can be useful to go back to these writings to see how far you’ve come over time.

3. Trust the Process

Before you head to rehab in New Jersey, it’s important to give in to the process and trust that it will be the proper long-term solution. Going into rehab with the wrong attitude can make the entire endeavor nothing more than a waste of time. You must be willing to give the process a chance to work, which means holding back on judgment at first and taking one day at a time.

4. Focus on the Present

Anxiety is one of the struggles most closely related to addiction, and one of the best ways to counteract this issue is through a focus on the present task at hand. If you allow your mind to wonder too often, you may find yourself back in the same old bad habits, so try to keep yourself occupied with various activities throughout the day.

5. Admit That You Could Use Some Help

Addiction can be difficult to overcome even when you have the help you need, but there is no need to handicap yourself by insisting that you can do it all on your own. Be open minded and listen to the professionals around you to gain a new perspective on how to overcome the obstacles in your life. On a related noted, remember to always remain honest with those who are there to help you as that’s the best recipe for keeping your sobriety on track.
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